Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

ZEOE was a mere thought that kept coming to CEO, Shawntrice Pendleton, head while at work and school. She would often think of these letters, so she begin to write them down on everything. As she kept praying about what the letters meant she begin to go through one of the hardest times of her life.

How It All Began CEO POV

At the time, 2022-2023, Shawntrice worked 2 jobs, Whataburger and CNA, while attending college at, Jackson State University. "On December 31, 2022 after praying for understanding of what the letters meant I felt a strong presence confirming that ZEOE meant Zero Excuses Only Excellence. I began to write it on everything. On January 1, 2023 I made a resolution that I was going to be a business owner and that my life was going to change. Little did I know it was tremendously. On January 6, 2023 I filed for my LLC and felt so accomplished."

The Hurt that Changed Everything

"I went back to school to find out that on January 7, 2023 my grandfather passed away in a nursing home. He lived a long and prosperous life at 97 years old he preached at 5 churches over the span of 43 years and served in the military for WW2 as a medic. After that I put my two weeks in at the nursing home. I begin to question everything, I started going out of town with my current partner a lot to escape where I thought I was trapped. I began to confide my dreams and began to be vulnerable with this partner because I felt that he was the only one who actually felt what I was feeling, it was a trauma bond. I already did not enjoy the school I was attending, nor the major I had chosen and eventually expressed to him that I felt like quitting often but never had because I did not know what I would do next. He encouraged it and made me feel so powerful and free, so I quit to pursue my business. After telling my current boss, Whataburger, this he made a joke which would then persuade me to emotionally quit that job."

Things Went From Bad to Worse

"Now that I was not in school and jobless I was "free" right? Wrong. I had a lot of free time for the enemy to play on my playground. I began to hang out with my partner a lot more while I looked for other jobs. Which increased my time spent in substances, traveling out of state, and dipped into the little savings that I had. One evening after being embarrassed by my partner we got into a seriously heated argument which lead into physical altercation. It eventually led into the next day and after coming out of the gas station I reached for my drink that he had just bought me and my face ended up in the side of my car door. With a swole jaw and pain in my head he drove me an hour away to drop hisself off back at work. This was the very first time I had ever thought about ending it all. Was it worth it?"

I found out that he broke my jaw but in the name of love I did not press charges and I stayed with him. This ended in my credit score going from a 700 to 500, my head going through a mirror in our brand new apartment, my brand new phone being crushed by him, and my mind, body, and soul being lost.

I did not leave until one day I woke out of my sleep to something in my spirit telling me to check his phone. I kept contradicting myself by saying "never go looking for something you do not want to find." I tried to go back to sleep but after an hour I gave myself a scenerio. "If I go to the bathroom and the phone is not under him or the pillow I will get it (he always slept with the phone under the pillow). So, I went to the restroom and when I came back not only was the phone on the floor but open. I followed my spirit and it led me to finding ALL of the messages he deleted and an album in his phone with sexual content of many women. Needless to say I was beyond hurt and that was my breaking point. I left the house and found myself at the gym at 4 in the morning. I knew that if I stayed one of us would end up in jail or worse. So I left and did not tell him what I found. 

After that I went through my stages of grief but my amazing support system held me while I went through it. I was lost, hurt, confused and did not know what to do with my life for the very first time. I was 19 with a fat face due to my jaw being broken in two places, messed up credit, dropout, and jobless. 

Change is Inevitable

After my friend forced me out of my depression stage, she took me to my first concert to see Beyonće's renaissance tour in Nashville. After leaving I noticed we passed Memphis, Tn and I told her I don't know how but I have a feeling I am going to be here real soon. She said as soon as you get back home apply for the university out here in the subject that you love the most and if it happens it is meant to be remember ZEOE. I did, and got accepted a week later. I met the most amazing advisor I have ever had in my college experience and she set it up. God aligned me to have an apartment here although I had no job, money, or idea of how it was going to happen. I give all credit of ZEOE to God because he aligned my story to meet my destiny. 

In October of 2023, I did a soft launch of my satin lined hoodies and sold out of all 2 boxes. In January of 2024 my car had gotten broken into after finally telling the world my story. I realized that it was not the correct manner. In February 1, 2024 my car had gotten stolen after working from 3 p.m to 7 a.m and I found myself thanking God as I walked all the way home. Shortly after that I came in contact with my mentor and he began to teach me the things that I was missing. I did not have the funds to pay hims so he was gracious enough to trade my free labor in for his knowledge. Thank you to the CEO of Lost Hearts, Malik Elliott. I found a local gym that allowed me to sell my items and tell my story.

Commitment to Excellence

Now that you know how we started and my story, I want you to know our purpose. Our purpose is to lead you to yours. No matter your story, where you come from, what you are going through when you wear ZEOE I want you to know that you have no excuse not to be who you want to be, what you want to be, and where you want to be in life. We are committed in serving you excellence in all factors. We just hope you are committed to making your life Zero Excuses Only Excellence.

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